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Album “MARCH OF THE MASALIANS” available here.

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“The instrumental axis of this Belgian group is piano-violin and the two musicians who play the two instruments respectively also play together in the group called Someone Els. We had a hard time finding them among all the names/groups “Masala”: an older, Italian troupe, a trio (Boliwar Miranda, Maurizio Dami ?i Ettore Bonafè), with different backgrounds (”Indian classical music, electronic music and jazz”), a group that was very active between 1998-2000 under Maurizio Dami’s label (aka ”Alexander Robotnick”), Hot Elephant Music. There are also some contemporary Masala’s: ”Masala (Band)”, a South African group of the curvey lady, Fancy Galada (”lead vocalist & dancer”) and the Blundell brothers, and Indian group of ”chakras music”, with German flute player Lenny Mac Dowell (aka Friedemann M. Leinert).

All interesting groups, as far as we could see, but nothing like the Belgians who are able to build a world apart with their music and whose main goal is to “bring a smile onto people’s faces” as they themselves say. Their tools are mainly visual: the album cover, song titles, science-fiction comics, posters, bilboards, costumes, the show itself and even their nickname “the masaliens”.

The make up of the group is also very flexible and changes with every song, as does the style, frequently and unexpectedly, even within one song, as is the case with “the masalien march”. If the song “Pat” had been called “Trlok (Gurtu)” or “Zakir (Hussain)” it would’t have surprised us, given the percussion and indian sounds that the song starts and ends with. But the name clearly refers to “Pat” Metheny, since, when asked in a short questionnaire what he would take with him on a deset island, the pianist said: Pat Metheny Group: ”Offramp””