Meet Masala , taste the sound

Masala is a band  of four guys, each having their favorite music styles, each having their musical background. Through a mix of voices, instruments, sounds, atmospheres and styles they celebrate their passion for music.

It can barely be called a coincidence they found in each other a  soulmate and  fellow musician : piano, vocals, violin, bass, drums. Opposites attract, counterparts fit.

Hear Masala , taste the sound

Obscure, joyful, musing, moving, exciting, … Their compositions, combined with only a  few covers,  come to life  through the interaction between 4 musicians  with 1000 ideas but yet only 1 recipe.

The acoustic sound is being influenced by a whirlpool of music styles from all over the world: a touch of folk, jazz, rock, country, tango, blues, classic, world music, … without being exactly that.

Experience Masala , taste the sound

Humor, sadness, improvisation, discipline and spontaneous interaction reflect their emotion in your heart en brings your smile upon their faces. A feeling good experience shared by audience and performers.

Come & see the show and … taste MASALA!


Raph Van Goubergen – piano/vocals/funny faces

Piet Haven – bass/vocals/sound effects

Andries Baele – violin/vocals/funny sounds

Pieter Dedoncker – drums/vocals/percussion