Who we are

Masala is a band of four guys, each having their favorite music styles, each having their musical background. Through a mix of voices, instruments, sounds, atmospheres and styles they celebrate their passion for music.

It can barely be called a coincidence they found in each other a  soulmate and  fellow musician : piano, vocals, violin, bass, drums (guitar, vibraphone). Opposites attract, counterparts fit.

Obscure, joyful, musing, moving, exciting, … Their compositions, combined with only a  few covers,  come to life  through the interaction between 4 musicians  with 1000 ideas but yet only 1 recipe.

The acoustic sound is being influenced by a whirlpool of music styles from all over the world: a touch of folk, jazz, rock, country, tango, blues, classic, world music, … without being exactly that.

Humor, sadness, improvisation, discipline and spontaneous interaction reflect their emotion in your heart en brings your smile upon their faces. A feeling good experience shared by audience and performers.

Where we come from

The band started in 1996 as a duet, called Someone Els, with Els Artois on vocals and Raphaël Van Goubergen on the piano. It all started, as is usual for lots of bands, “just like that”, for this one occasion: an exhibition. Then another exhibition followed, and then a birthday party, a wedding reception, a café-concert … and we connected.

In 1999 they asked Piet Haven to play the bass. When singer Eva Tulkens joined the band, in 2005, the repertoire evolved towards 3-voice vocal harmony. Pieter Dedoncker joined, on drums, in 2007.

Els left the band in 2008 and Karen Van Humbeeck took over. Someone Els became Someone Els”e”, but we did never bother to add that last “e” to the band’s name. In 2009 Karen went for new horizons. Mariske Broeckmeyer joined the band. But Eva and Mariske both finally also were drawn elsewhere for new challenges.

When the violinist and singer Andries Baele joined the band in 2010, Someone Els became an “All Boys Band”. In this setting all members began composing and a whole new sound was developed by 2012. The combined voices of Piet, Andries and Raph, accompanied by violin, piano, bass and drums are the typical sound. Thus MASALA was born.

In 2017, after a few successful live sessions with Arthur Maes, the five of us thought it would be a great idea to add his particular guitar playing as an additional source of sounds, styles and … inspiration.

In 2018, Sébastien Peeters replaced Pieter – who went living in Firenze, Italia – on drums. And in 2019, Andries also left the band leading to the addition of the vibraphone in Sébastien’s cooking toolkit.

Meet the guys!

Founding members
Piet Haven – bass, vocals
Raph Van Goubergen – piano, vocals
Pieter Dedoncker – drums, percussion, vocals
Andries Baele – violin, vocals
Additional members
Arthur Maes – guitar, vocals
Sébastien Peeters – drums, vibraphone, vocals